Grades 3-4


Welcome to Third and Fourth Grade! 

We are happy to have you. Don’t be shy, come on in! There are places to explore, wonders to investigate, ideas to discuss, celebrations to enjoy and so much more. We welcome you also parents, guardians and supporters. In our class we strive to think, reason, and problem-solve so that when students go on to the next grade, they are well-prepared and are not afraid to take on that challenge. 

Thank you for choosing the Brooklyn Seventh-day Adventist School and trusting us to assist you in providing the educational foundation your children need to navigate life. In addition to, Writing, Reading and Mathematics, we provide enrichment through Cooking classes and Art classes; a chess club is next on the list. Most importantly, however, we teach good values, and promote Christian principles so that your children can be well-rounded productive citizens who can make valuable contributions to their communities, both local and global. 

Here are some things parents and guardians can do to help your children stay ahead or just keep up with the class: 1. Read to and with your child every day. Read to get information or just to have fun. These memories will never fade. 2. Check in everyday to see what your child is learning and ensure homework is completed. You can help with homework but allow them to make mistakes as this is how they will gain understanding and create their own knowledge. 3. Log into Jupiter daily to check for updates and students’ grades. 4. Make sure your child has adequate school supplies. A list is posted on the school’s website and a copy will be sent to your email. 5. Never miss an opportunity to participate in school activities, field trips and outreach programs so you build lasting memories together. 6. Teach your child to be independent and responsible by giving duties and responsibilities with tangible and intangible rewards. One day they will thank you for it. 

In the interest of safety and security, we ask that parents do not enter the classrooms but report to the office first. Telephone calls in the classroom from parents are discretionary, but the secretary is available to take calls during working hours. 

Below is a list of things that will remain constant throughout the school year unless specified: 

1. Chapel time is at 8:30am every Friday morning in-person.   

2. The grades 3 and 4 Zoom ID is: 264 768 5857 Passcode: 09910.  This will be used for Spanish classes and for other class virtual events throughout the school year.

3. Classes are held in-person on Fridays, but Spanish class will conducted via Zoom on Fridays.

4. One book reports is due every month on the final day of classes for the month.

5. A spelling test will be given every Friday. They will receive the new spelling words for the following week every Friday. 

6. Students are required to support and participate in all school activities: Christmas play, church visitations (in school uniform), fundraisers, and any other special events to which the school might be called to attend. 

6. Breakfast and lunch are free from New York City. Students can bring their own lunch, but we advise that any type of foods brought in, especially meat, align with Seventh-day Adventist standards. 

May God continue to bless and keep you as we work together in the temporal and eternal interest of your children. 

Gercine Straker - Class Teacher