Grades 3-4


This year the grades 3&4 students have launched out on an awesome spiritual and academic journey. As their teacher, my aim is to guide them to achieve their highest spiritual and academic goals.

Among a number of things that the students need to learn, they must learn the Scripture of the week, and explain what it means to them.

I will integrate technology in all the subject areas as much as possible. I will explore and utilize all the available apps and use them to enhance learning in my classroom, with the use of an Apple TV.

This year I've introduced a new and engaging feature in my class. I've named it "Math 4 Fun". Students are required to illustrate the covers of their own bare books. Students will cut, paste, draw and color shapes, then compose their own word problems relating to what they draw, cut or paste. 

We anticipate a great year of learning. 

Merine Williams