Grade 5-6


Welcome to Middle School! 

My name is Thea Maria Fleuriot, and I will be the Homeroom teacher for grades 5 and 6, and the Math and Science teacher for grades 5-8. 

In my classes, students will learn to: 

· Think critically 

· Analyze Information 

· Make connections 

· Envision Solutions 

· Be precise 

· Explain and Justify 

I want this school year to be a successful one for both you and your child. I believe that parent-student-teacher communication is vital for having a successful school year. Working together with God as the center, we will be able to support and meet the needs of every child! 

Being consistent and intentional with classroom structure and expectations are important for the development of a learning-oriented classroom. In the first two weeks of school, classroom rules and expectations will be consistently and purposefully practiced. This will help to created structure and a firm foundation moving forward in the school year. 

Homework Assignments for Math and Science will be given in the beginning of the week (Monday) and will be due the following Monday no later than 7am. 

All Math and Science homework assignments will be given on Monday so if a child or parent has a question about any homework given, they will have ample time to address it with me. The easiest way to contact me is  by email ( 

It is a requirement that students in my class read at least 30 minutes a day at home. 

Reading comprehension is very important, especially in Math and Science. When solving word problems, many students struggle because they do not comprehend/understand what they are reading. Thus, reading and reading comprehension will be integrated throughout the Math and Science lessons.  In addition, please pay attention to the following:

1. Chapel time is at 8:30am every Friday morning in-person.   

2. While Grades 5 and 6  Friday classes will be in-person, French classes will be conducted via Zoom on Fridays.  

3. One book reports is due every month on the final day of classes for the month.

4. A spelling test will be given every Friday. They will also receive the new spelling words for the following week every Friday. 

5. Students are required to support and participate in all school activities: Christmas play, church visitations (in school uniform), fundraisers, and any other special events to which the school might be called to attend. 

6. Breakfast and lunch are free from New York City. Students can bring their own lunch, but we advise that any type of foods brought in, especially meat, align with Seventh-day Adventist standards. 

May God continue to bless and keep you as we work together in the temporal and eternal interest of your children. 

I have faith that we can work together to prepare our children for this world and the world to come!



Mrs. Thea Fleuriot