grade 7-8

Welcome to Grades 7 & 8 where daily we are learning to reflect God’s Image! I am Mrs. Sonia Barrett, the class teacher and I am thrilled to have twenty-one beautiful young people in my room this year. I believe that each one has the potential to be successful and by God’s grace, I pledge to help each one work at his/her highest potential and make each minute count.
This year, under God, I pledge to help my students understand God’s Love in a very personal way as I try to guide them into Becoming Like Jesus. We will be looking for miracles daily as we allow Jesus, our Master Teacher, to be the Leader in our classroom.
Our students are the senior students in the Brooklyn SDA School. In another year or two they will leave these hallowed walls to move on to the high school of their choice. As the students navigate the core curriculum, they do so against the background that God is the Fount of all wisdom and so faith and learning will be intricately woven into all subject areas.
Among the exciting, creative activities we will embark upon this academic year are:

  • The compilation of a class journal featuring different ways students are reflecting Jesus in their daily lives.
  • The use of iPads in the classroom to enhance learning.
  • Participating in the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on October 15, 2017

 We anticipate a successful academic year, and under God, we will accomplish the task of training young people to be responsible, worthwhile citizens for this world and the world to come.